Telecommunications Services in Colorado

Solutions Since 1999

Established in August of 1999, with our office in Westminster, Paradigm Consulting Services is built on a reputation for quality and excellence and is a respected and dynamic Colorado based telecommunication service company.

In 2012, Paradigm Consulting Services LLC expanded to include Paradigm Services Company LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Paradigm Consulting Services LLC. Paradigm Services Company LLC focuses on the physical installation, demolition, operation, and maintenance functions. This change was made to meet insurance requirements and clearly divides the services offered by Paradigm into consulting/engineering and construction/operations.

On the cutting edge of an ever changing market, Paradigm enjoys a prominent position in the industry with its focus on the competitive and successful creation and implementation of telecommunication services as a business tool and a valuable asset.

Regulatory changes, a constant flow of technical innovations and an insatiable demand for technology create a need for facilities that support competitive business systems and strategies with fast and reliable solutions.

From the design and installation to the operation and maintenance of client telecommunication facilities, our clients, the building owners, property managers and building tenants, directly benefit from the professional expertise of the Paradigm Companies.

Telecommunications Services

Paradigm Consulting Services includes and is not limited to the following:

  • Development of building telecommunication Policy and Procedure documents for providers, vendors, contractors and tenants.
  • Development and implementation of 3 to 5 year telecommunications services strategic plans.
  • Audit of rooftop communications systems.
  • Identification and implementation of potential revenue-generating projects.
  • Telecommunications brokering for providers, space and operating agreements.
  • Consulting engineering services including design, opinion of probable costs, technical feasibility, and more.
  • Building Cable Audits
  • Due Diligence
  • Media Distribution System Design
  • RF Site Safety Training

Paradigm Services Company includes and is not limited to the following:

  • RF measurement on rooftops and throughout the building premises.
  • Cable installation and removal.
  • Management of rooftop communications systems.
  • Supply, replacement, installation, operation, and maintenance of telecommunications systems.
  • Installation, removal, operation, and maintenance of TV network systems.
  • Management of building cable riser systems.
  • Media and Communications System Installation and Removal
  • Cable Management Services
  • Sound Masking Systems
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